Celebrating 50 Years of Community

WC Smith is dedicated to creating communities. There are a variety of needs that must be met in order to develop strong communities, and we put our best effort into meeting these needs. This requires attention to more than just housing, employment, development, and education must be considered as well. Through various efforts and programs, we have been able to help better the lives of those in our buildings, therefore creating stronger communities.
There are several ways in which we attempt to develop and sustain communities. We created the Skyland Workforce Center to help the unemployed through job training, case management, and job development. The Workforce Center has placed 407 people in jobs. Our Summer Youth Employment Program provides work experience for children that live in WC Smith owned properties. For 6 weeks out of the summer, the SYEP participants work a 20-hour work week and attend educational workshops. Both the Skyland Workforce Center and the Summer Youth Employment Program bring immense value to the lives of those in our communities.

By investing in the needs of our residents, we are able to create sustainable communities in which everyone can thrive. For the last 50 years, we have been developing more than buildings, we have been developing communities, and we will continue to do so for the next 50 years.