Archer Park Opening Brings 190 Affordable Units to Mississippi Ave SE

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On Wednesday, November 15, 2017, Mayor Bowser and WC Smith will celebrate the opening of Archer Park, a new apartment community on Mississippi Ave in southeast DC, with 190 affordable units, a fitness center, club room and underground parking. Ten of the units have been designated permanent supportive housing for families moving out of homelessness. Community of Hope will provide case management and support services for those families. Archer Park is a model of green development, with a rooftop solar array, a green roof, and 80 bicycle parking spaces.

WC Smith has long been active in the area around Archer Park. In 2007 and 2011, WC Smith led 800 volunteers to clean up and revitalize Oxon Run Park, rehabilitating the amphitheater and constructing a new baseball field. In 2005, WC Smith led the creation of THEARC, the Town Hall Education, Arts and Recreation Campus at 1900 Mississippi Ave SE, where nine nonprofit partners provide art and dance classes, medical care, afterschool programs, performances, healthy food and recreational opportunities to the broader community. Most activities are low or no cost. This winter, the third building at THEARC will open, bringing the total number of partners to 14.

Archer Park is built on the site of the former Trenton Terrace, a dilapidated apartment community that was torn down in 2006. Also on the site Ryan Homes is building 74 for-sale townhomes.

The DC Department of Housing and Community Development provided $11.3 million in subordinate financing from the Housing Production Trust Fund. The DC Housing Financing Agency provided 4% low-income housing tax credits and tax-exempt bond financing in the amount of $28.285 million. SunTrust Bank is the lender and Wells Fargo Bank is the tax credit investor partner.

As with all WC Smith projects, the design stressed environmental sustainability. WC Smith collaborated with long-time partner the DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU), a local nonprofit, which provided technical and financial assistance to optimize energy efficiency and reduce emissions. In addition to the solar array and green roof, Archer Park includes a naturalized landscape, Energy Star appliances and fixtures, LED lighting, and an efficient HVAC system. The combined natural gas and electricity savings will result in more than $120,000 in annual cost savings and prevent the emissions of 650 metric tons of carbon per year. Throughout the past years, joint projects between the DCSEU and WC Smith have resulted in $10 million in lifetime energy cost savings and prevented the emission of 56,000 metric tons of CO2 – that’s the equivalent of 61 million pounds of coal burned.

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  1. Good Morning, I would like to talk to someone about possibly renting one of your apartments, I am retired looking for a better place for me, and my 25 year daughter, and my 2year granddaughter. We currently live where their is a lot of shootings .I am 60 years old and me and my daughter is disabled. So I am asking for your help please.

  2. Good afternoon, I would like to please talk to someone about moving into an affordable dwelling unit ,. The lease where I live will run out April of this year . I’m single, no children and really need a better place to live.

  3. My wife and i would like to rent a 2bedroom or a townhouse no stairs we are seniors need lower level.I hope you can help us.We are retierd from goverment.

  4. I have rode pass the development every since the project started. I knew this would be my daughter 8 years old and my new place to live. We currently live not to far from here. Please if I could have someone to reach out to me with further information about your affordable housing units it would be greatly appreciated. We have been in a one bedroom together with limited space and a lot of maintenance problems to long.. Please reach out. Thanks in advance

  5. Hi my name is Nikki. I’ve seen all the units and there so lovely!! Sad to see that even though i personal am able to afford their small one bedroom, I still didn’t qualify. They were amazing still with helping and being very patient. I’d love to rent with a roommate at this location if able. This place is AMAZING!! If a roommate is needed for the 2 bed 2 bath unit please call me. Or email.

  6. I worked many years for the federal government and have lots of awards and pictures which include Collen Powell for my outstanding performance even though I never finished high school. I was born August 9, 1958 and have been homeless for over 10 years and going blind in one eye because I have been wearing glasses since age and have breast cancer and just really would like to live my last days with a roof over my head with my name on a lease. I work taking care of people who live at assisted living homes trying to make them as comfortable as possible as they are waiting for their lives to expire in which some are given dates although we know that God is the ultimate authority over those dates. I try to make them smile and even laugh if I can. I love my job and I love my clients even though its hell where I have to go home to every day. Please help me you will not regret it. I will make the program proud. I can bring my awards and you can check the government database for my awards, classes and service I was a secretary and everybody loved me. Ten years of service. But also a victim of domestic violence

  7. Hello!!
    I am currently looking for a one bedroom or a studio affordable apartment. In need of low income or income based apartment.
    Thanks for your time.

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