Property Management

Recognized and respected as one of the most experienced and capable property management firms in the Washington metropolitan area, WC Smith manages over 10,000 rental, condominium and cooperative units valued in excess of $1 billion.

The company is one of very few property management organizations whose portfolios include such a wide range of product type and income mix. The portfolio experience allows for a range of strategies to be used by the asset managers to achieve value enhancement and regulatory compliance for clients’ benefit.

With a 40 year commitment to the District and its residents, WC Smith has developed a well-deserved reputation for professionalism and attention to detail. The Property Management team proudly carries out its mission: As a member of William C. Smith Property Management team, each of us makes a personal and professional commitment to our success by providing a desirable home and community for our residents, while striving to achieve the maximum performance of the properties we manage.

The company’s time-proven methodology provides for sound fiscal management of both financial assets and real property investments for our clients. A senior level property manager oversees the operation and maintenance of the property and assists the client or association board of directors in achieving long-term budget objectives. On-site staff are guided by the property manager in day-to-day management of the property.

The WC Smith Property Management group is supported by a professional administrative and financial team to assist with risk management, financial reporting, insurance procurement and accounting. As one of the largest property management firms in the District of Columbia,WC Smith. is able to bundle purchases of utilities and supplies to realize significant cost savings for our clients. The company also has a fully staffed maintenance department to respond quickly and efficiently when repairs or upgrades are required.

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